Administrators friendly software for contact center

Administrators friendly software for contact centerIn today’s modern company, telecommunications has very much become the responsibility of the IT department. Voice Over IP, the software PBX, Unified Communication systems, fax, e-mail etc. … must all be looked after by your IT administrator. It is therefore very important that when any specialist solutions such as Contact Centers are deployed, that they are easy to understand and painless to integrate into the existing infrastructure.
As myContactCenter is built upon standard Microsoft technologies and uses familiar management tools, it is quick to learn and fast implementation is possible. No cryptic commands are needed and all features and settings of myContactCenter are configured using a Microsoft Management Console, which should be well within the skills of any competent IT administrator.

How myContactCenter simplifies administrative tasks

Using the Microsoft Management Console Snap-in, all features of myContactCenter can be controlled and configured. The integrated alarm system supports active warning and failure-messaging. So administrators can be proactive; resolving issues before the operation of myContactCenter is impacted, thereby averting service disruptions.

Advantages Administrators friendly software for contact center

  • use of standard Microsoft Windows configuration tools
  • 100% graphical user interface for management and configuration
  • any number of myContactCenter systems can be managed using a single administration console
  • built-in alarm system for proactive notification of impending failures prior to service disruptions
  • SNMP V1.1/V2 enabled for use with SNMP monitoring software
  • customisable alarms and performance indicators
  • use of standard technologies means easy implementation

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