CC revolutionised

myContactCenter – the solution for all your contact centre requirements

MyCC for the whole communications processIn today’s fast paced information driven society, the demands for near instant access to information are ever increasing. As a result, customers’ expectations on responsiveness and service levels are constantly going up. Greater customer choice is leading to service led loyalty. Quite simply, if you don’t measure up to expectations you can expect higher levels of customer churn. With myContactCenter your customer loyalty and therefore retention can be improved significantly. Customer churn is reduced as your responsiveness and quality of service increases. myContactCenter directly affects the whole communications process your ability to respond faster to incoming requests, regardless of if they reach you by phone, e-mail or fax.

Multiple sites

Do you have multiple sites that should operate as one Contact Centre? If this is the case myContactCenter will be perfect, as it natively supports multiple sites; merging Queues and Agents who are based at different offices or are homeworkers into one Contact Centre with centralised management and reporting. It makes no difference if the sites are geographically “close” to each other or spread worldwide.

On-site or Cloud Service for the whole communications process

You can choose to buy myContactCenter as a normal product and install it within your IT/ Telephony infrastructure. This option gives you full control and management over all aspects of myContactCenter. Learn more details about purchasing our Call Center. Alternatively it is possible to subscribe to myContactCenter as a Cloud Service provided by one of our hosting partners. In this case you do not need to worry about anything, just use myContactCenter carefree. Customer churn is reduced as your responsiveness and quality of service increases. Find out more about the Cloud solution of our Call Center.