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SwyxWare makes the difference

swyxwareThe combination of myContactCenter and the SwyxWare UC platform opens up possibilities that cannot be created with any other UC platform. Excellent call management and an extraordinary powerful feature set makes myContactCenter in combination with SwyxWare almost unbeatable.
The numerous sophisticated functions and features of SwyxWare are further enhanced by myContactCenter in that way that it is easy to create an unsurpassed, professional Contact Centre. And the high availability “Hot Standby” option ensures that all of your SLAs are met.

Certification for your guarantee

TAP CertifiedmyContactCenter is more than just an extension to the platform of Swyx Solutions. The long-term partnership between Swyx Solutions and ilogixx through the technology partner program, has led to an extreme in-depth knowledge of the technical workings of SwyxWare.
This is reflected by the successful certification of myContactCenter (MyCallCenter formerly) in the testing labs of Swyx Solutions. myContactCenter has always reached the highest level of certification. This certification gives you the guarantee and peace of mind that myContactCenter and Swyx-UC-Platform interoperate seamlessly. You can rely on this Mark of Quality and enjoy years of trouble-free operation of your Contact Centre. What Swyx Solutions AG Reports About the ContactCentre solution can be read here.

Overview of incoming and outgoing calls

Find out more about incoming contacts and outbound calls.