Inbound contacts

Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD)

Intelligent distributionThe contact distribution system built within myContactCenter is extraordinary fast. In general because of the speed of processing it is never noticed that a potentially complex selection matrix is used to identify the most appropriate Agent to handle the contact. This contact distribution system applies to all communication mediums, so all incoming contacts will be handled and distributed equally fast. This saves valuable time which results in higher efficiencies per queue and per agent.

Intelligent Distribution

Besides distribution speed, precision is extremely important. Accurate Agent selection is necessary based upon the contact criteria exactly matching the most appropriate Agent chosen to deal with it, this ensure that the responses to incoming contacts will be of the highest quality. The intelligence behind the myContactCenter distribution system has countless options available to define the selection matrix to be used for contact delivery to the Agents.

Purpose of the intelligent automatic contact Distribution

The designed purpose is to always deliver an incoming contact based on the defined selection criteria to the Agent that best meets the criteria. This means the best qualified Agent in skill and language of the current contact to be delivered, along with the other selection matrix criteria of longest idle, least talk time… etc.
The result of this behaviour is that the best qualified Agent selected, therefore the highest possible customer satisfaction is achieved by providing of the best qualified response. The secondary designed purpose is to ensure that the workload is shared equally amongst all Agents, based on the logic implemented.