How myContactCenter reduces communication costs

report Contact Center MyCCCosts are generated at many points within the communication flow of an organisation. The easiest position to avoid is “waiting”. Agents sitting idle in a Contact Centre waiting for calls or e-mails increases costs by reducing their productivity. This can be avoided with myContactCenter due to its efficient distribution of contacts to Agents. Idle times are avoided by the intelligent Automatic Contact Distribution and so the efficiency of your Agents is increased. With the help of the integrated reporting system, bottlenecks and idle times can be identified and used for the optimisation of personnel planning.

How myContactCenter supports decision makers

Company decision makers require reliable data and statistics so they can do their job properly. This is highly important where it concerns key operational departments such as a customer contact centre. myContactCenter tracks all of the activities in the Contact Centre, allowing the collected information to be organised into automated or ad hoc reports that become key for correct decision making.

Contact Centre Outsourcer

If you are an outsourcer offering contact centre services to clients, it is important to be able to monitor the efficiencies of the service you provide. Specifically, average time to answer, longest queue time, abandonment rates, etc. for all calls, e-mails or faxes. Also, if SLAs (Service Level Agreement) are defined, your Clients will probably want to verify them based on hard facts. myContactCenter makes this a simple process. Report creation and distribution can be automated, with the content covering time periods such as days, weeks, months or even year-to-date. Delivery is by email to individuals or distribution groups; both of which can be direct to your Client.

Advantages simple and concise

  • detailed information on all Contact Centre activities is recorded in an SQL database
  • highly configurable reports for optimised presentation of collected information
  • automated report distribution by e-mail – direct to Clients if required
  • each morning you can arrive to find reports for the previous day in your inbox
  • collected information is available for use by other applications, such as data mining systems
  • full customisation of reports is possible because of the use of an industry standard method for data analysis

Here you can find out how myContactCenter can help your supervisor.