Outgoing calls

myContactCenter Campaigns are used for automatically processing a large number of outbound calls. Using one of the three modes, Preview, Predictive or Broadcast, hundreds of thousands of numbers can be called hassle-free per day. The result of the call is logged directly in the source database, recording if the call was connected or not and it will also flag up if the number is incorrect (i.e. not a valid number).
Campaigns in action
myContactCenter provides flexibility to a level where each Campaign can be configured independently to use the preferred outbound dialling mode. It is therefore possible for the simultaneous operation of all three dial modes at the same time. Each Campaign can be configured to use a data source specific to it or they can all use the same data source.
To ensure that the outbound calling workload is equally and accurately shared amongst the chosen Agents, the same powerful automatic distribution system is used as for inbound contacts.