How myContactCenter supports Supervisors

Real time dataSupervisors of a Contact Centre are responsible for the quality and efficiency of their team or for the whole Contact Centre. To reach the highest levels of quality and efficiency, qualified Agents are needed and well as a state-of-the-art system that optimises the whole customer communication process.
myContactCenter enables Supervisors to monitor their teams efficiency in real time or retrieve historic statistics. Agents can quickly and easily be moved in or out of groups, and have their skills or language qualification changed. Other settings are also very easily changed, empowering Supervisors to be able to dynamically adjust the system to match the current demand.

How myContactCenter can Support real-time data

Real-time data is a fundamental element of myContactCenter. All components of a myContactCenter solution (Wallboards, Agent applications etc.) are fed real-time data about current contacts (calls, emails, faxes) and Agent status. Using a graphical design tool Wallboards can be customised with multi-layered display areas. Each display “element” can have a formula attached to it so that complex values can be calculated from of the real-time data provided by the system. Warnings and alarms can be displayed in real-time too. Threshold alerts in real-time allow Supervisors to take appropriate action quickly in unexpected or unusual situations.

Advantages of Supervisors friendly Contact Center

  • real-time monitoring of all team members and current queue levels
  • creation of reports on a team by team level
  • dynamic changes to Agents skills, languages and qualifications are possible
  • complete insight of the status of the whole system in real-time using customised Wallboards
  • alarm system that supports the early detection of bottlenecks or failures

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For more details on how myContactCenter can help you as a supervisor, please read the data sheet.