Unified Communication

Unified Communication and myContactCenter

unified communicationCustomers want to get in touch with your organisation, but will choose the communication method that best fits their needs, either as a phone call, an email, a fax, a web-chat or by placing a call back on your home page. Whatever communication channel they choose, their expectation is to get a quick and qualified response. myContactCenter supports many communication methods giving your customers the choice.

myContactCenter sets standards in UC Integration

Communication channels are one part of a UC concept. However, more important is having the capability to integrate all of your line-of-business applications into the whole communication process. With this it is then possible to significantly improve productivity, as only the seamless interaction of communications and applications lead to significant reduction of workloads in customer interaction. You can benefit from this by using myContactCenter to streamline your customer interaction and communications processes, and improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings whilst reducing churn.

Benefits of consolidation

Existing isolated solutions do not become unusable with the subsequent integration of Unified Communication (UC), but can be integrated with the corresponding interfaces. You can find out more about other possible applications here.