Use cases

Use cases for myContactCenter

integrationmyContactCenter can be used in many differing communication scenarios. Automatic Agent selection can be tailored to meet your business operational requirements. There is the choice of distributing calls based on longest idle, answered contacts, total contact answer time…. and many more options that can be blended to create the perfect match for your teams.

In addition, the Skill and Language routing options which are further enhanced by the Agent “qualification level” feature, enable varied escalation scenarios to be implemented. Added to this are the VIP and Phone class options, allowing specific customers to be given priority based on a static list look up or a dynamic data source enquiry, potentially direct from your CRM System. The call distribution options also lend themselves to improving the service levels of smaller teams, such as an internal IT department. With the work load evenly distributed and with line-of-business application integration, both productivity and team moral can be increased. Find out more about the features here.

Routing by criteria

myContactCenter is the right choice if an agent has to be selected specifically from a group of agents according to certain criteria. Skills and languages as well as the qualifications available for this are frequently used criteria.

Individual settings

The number of answered contacts, the total time span in the processing of contacts and many other individual aspects can be included.

Benefits of integration into the IT landscape and time-saving administration

Not only the internal IT support of a company can benefit from myContactCenter, because the workload of each individual employee is more uniform. The integration into the in-house IT landscape is of great help, as well as a fast integration of new agent positions. Simple and time-saving administration of the entire solution rounds off the range of services. Would you like to know how myContactCenter can support your company? Connect with a reseller or contact us directly.