That’s myContactCenter
myContactCenter is a flexible, scalable and very usable Contact Centre solution built upon Microsoft technologies. To be able to deploy myContactCenter a Voice Over IP software PBX or UC system is mandatory. myContactCenter has been designed so that support for additional software PBXs or UC systems can be added in the future, as long as they conform to the standard SIP protocol. All supported customer contacts are presented to the Agents in the same way and behave uniformly, so phone calls, emails and faxes all arrive with the Agent in a consistent fashion. The intelligent Automatic Contact Distribution can be configured for both Skill and Language base routing.
The outbound Campaign system built within myContactCenter makes it perfect for the automated dialling of contacts. Three modes are available, Power Dialler, Predictive Dialler and Broadcast Dialler. Each Campaign can be configured independently and the mode setting can be switched on-the-fly. Campaigns can be set up to use existing data sources for their contact dial list, meaning list management can be kept to a minimum.